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Attendance & Schedule Changes

Class Absence

Students who miss a class will have the option of taking any makeup class until April 1. Please check with your teacher or the front desk to find an appropriate substitute class. There are no refunds given for absence.

Weather Cancellations

Classes are rarely canceled but information regarding a canceled class will be sent via e-mail and on the 3 major TV networks.


Occasionally, during periods of heavy rain, the underpass before the studio gets flooded and is not accessible from Valleybrook Road. As flooding occurs very quickly, it is difficult to call everyone. If there are flood warnings or heavy rains, you should call the studio or consider alternate routes. You may take Mayview Road to Morganza Road to avoid the underpass.

Withdrawal and Schedule Changes

Summer Programs
Any cancellation prior to July 1st, is eligible for a full refund.
All cancellations after July 1st will receive studio credit toward future services.

Fall Programs
All withdrawal and schedule changes must be made in writing. Please email or stop by our front desk.
Notification must be given prior to the installment payment being run on the 5th of the month. Once payment is run, refunds will not be issued.
All registrations require a minimum payment of 1 month tuition.
If you are enrolled on 10/1- you are responsible for Holiday recital costumes even if you withdraw.
If you are enrolled on 1/1- you are responsible for June recital costumes even if you withdraw.

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